Torcuato Huertas has just 3 hectares on which he grows a staggering 21 varieties of grape. Located on the north side of the Sierra Nevada he has two plots of land, one at 900m and the other at 1050m above sea level. The climate here is continental, with long hot summer days and cool nights. Snow is normal in winter. The two plots however each have their own microclimate. The vines of the lower plot are grown on clay and are relatively protected whereas the higher is an exposed plateau of red soil, more exposed, subject to snowstorms.

His Purulio Blanco- robust, lean and complex is made purely with white grapes from the lower plot. Jaral on the other hand is made only with red grapes from the plateau, elegant, fresh and balanced, with complex flavours of fresh blueberry and pomegranate. Purulio tinto is a mixture from the two plots and gives an interesting balance of the two terroirs.

Torcuato’s family have been making wine in the region since 1890 though he is the first one in the family to use oak barrels, previously they used only tinaja (clay amphorae).