From the salty, windswept albariza plots of Cadíz, to the exposed, dizzyingly steep and staggeringly high slate slopes of the Alpujarras, the calcareous Mediterranean hills of Cataluña, the bakingly hot and bitterly cold continental sandy plains of La Mancha or the peaks of Sierra de Gredos, ancient bush vines dotted amongst their granite slopes, the Spanish landmass is historically and geographically rich in winemaking potential and strength.

From amongst this wide and varied landmass we represent a handful of small artisan winemakers, growers we know and trust, and whose wines we love. All of these producers work small vineyards, farm organically or biodynamically, and practice as little intervention in the cellar as possible; either minimal or no sulphites added and never fined or filtered. These are wines that absolutely shine with their terroir and that reflect the wonderful people who produce them.